What is hyvr?

hyvr is an online social media platform for healthcare users and healthcare innovators to meet, discuss, collaborate and co-design new healthcare ideas, products and services. In short, crowd intelligence.

hyvr stands for: Have Your Vision Realised! Whether you are a patient, a carer, a clinician, an inventor, a small-medium enterprise (SME), a mature business, an academic, a healthcare worker, a voluntary sector employee or volunteer or a citizen of any other flavour, this is your opportunity to contribute to new product design, identifying need and share your views and ideas.

Once registered, you can join a hyvr discussion group – a hive – or create one if you can’t find what you are looking for. You can join and create as many hives as you like. Perhaps you have an interest in ‘Diabetes’ or ‘Avoiding Hospital Admissions’ for example. Read, join or start a discussion in your chosen hive or hives

A hive can be public and searchable, or private and accessible by invite only.

If you have an idea for a product, you can ask other users if they ‘like’ it. Then you can review responses and see if the idea is worth further refinement and consultation.

Users will be able to ‘like’ and ‘comment’ on posts too - there are many different ways to get feedback.

If you want to delve in further, you can also chat one-to-one.

So you see, hyvr enables easy dialogue for any group to share ideas and experiences – all contributing to innovation in healthcare through co-design and crowd-intelligence.

The story behind hyvr – Design Together, Live Better

In 2015 the West of England AHSN launched ‘Design Together, Live Better’ in partnership with Designability. This initiative brought together members of the public living with a disability and long-term health conditions with the expertise of product designers in a workshop setting. The aim was to create innovative products to aid daily living for the challenging health conditions. Ideas evolved from discussions, which were refined through further conversation. Three ideas were selected. Designability worked closely with potential users to develop prototypes for testing for these three ideas, with a view to creating appealing, needed, sellable products.

The three prototypes were:

  • Audre: a personalised companion trolley
  • Oso: a child seat harness that can be fastened with one hand
  • Pura: a portable bidet for personal hygiene when away from home.

The success of this project led to the concept of hyvr – an online platform designed to replicate the concept of co-design and crowd-intelligence at scale.

The West of England AHSN

hyvr is created and developed by the West of England AHSN in partnership with Cyber Media Solutions Ltd.

The West of England AHSN supports and facilitates positive healthcare outcomes in the region and nationally by driving the development and adoption of new innovations and enabling patients to play an increasing role in their own care and of others. In doing so the impact of its work is far reaching: from enhancing patient wellbeing, saving lives and mitigating high risk incidents such as strokes; to enhancing efficiencies in healthcare practice and boosting the local economy through innovative collaborations with industry partners. Find out more about the West of England AHSN.

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