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hyvr is a social media platform for healthcare users, healthcare professionals and healthcare innovators to meet, collaborate and co-design healthcare products and services for the future.

In short - crowd intelligence innovation!

And it’s free – free of charge, free of adverts and free of any data-sharing small print.

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Discuss & Collaborate

  • Join a hive that interests you. Join more than one if you want!
  • Share your lived experience and health needs.
  • Create a public or private hive for your own discussion topics.
  • Contribute and collaborate in the design of future innovations.
  • Send a message to an individual hyvr member.

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Develop an idea or product

  • Share an idea to find out what other hive members think of it.
  • Post your views on innovative healthcare products to shape their development.
  • Register your business or organisation to access survey and polling tools.
  • Invite comments on your product at every stage of its development – from concept to market-ready.

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Getting Started

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  • Join some hives and see what’s trending.
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hyvr - Have your vision realised!

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What is hyvr?

hyvr: have your vision realised!
Crowdsourcing innovations for health and wellbeing.

hyvr is an online social media platform for healthcare users and healthcare innovators to meet, discuss, collaborate and co-design new healthcare ideas, products and services.

Whether you are a patient, a carer, a clinician, an inventor, a small-medium enterprise (SME), a mature business, an academic, a healthcare worker, a voluntary sector employee or volunteer or a citizen of any other flavour, this is your opportunity to contribute to new product design, identifying need and share your views and ideas.

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